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The Day Dancer Flew

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Author: Tiffany Stone

Illustrator: Brittany Lane 

Published by: Greystone Books

ISBN: 9781771474443


In this beautiful picture book inspired by real events, a young girl works to rescue her horse after a devastating flood.

Dancer is a gentle and loving horse. He got his name because of how he moves his hooves—happily, like he's dancing. Every day when the girl rides on his back, it feels like she is flying—until the rain descends and won't let up. Everything floods and the girl and her family flee...leaving Dancer behind. But while sheltering at the community center, the girl can't stop worrying about Dancer. She knows there must be a way to save him too. With the help of an agriculture officer, a horse expert and a helicopter pilot, a plan comes together to save the stranded horse.

Inspired by real events during the flooding near Spences Bridge, British Columbia, in 2021, this gorgeously illustrated book tells the tale of a girl's love for her horse and the power of a community coming together to help humans (and animals) during a natural disaster.

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