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    Hi there! I am Brittany, a wildlife biologist turned freelance illustrator and fine artist currently based in Stouffville, Ontario.   

    I grew up in the countryside and credit my countless adventures in wild places for inspiring my deep fondness for and strong sense of place within nature. This passion ultimately led me to train as a biologist, obtaining an honours degree in biology from the University of Guelph in 2011. 

    Following this training, I worked as a wildlife biologist for a decade, travelling throughout North America and working with a diverse range of incredible creatures. 


   As exhilarating and rewarding as these experiences were, I yearned to share my passion for nature and wildlife with others. My passion for art and creating gave me a way to celebrate nature and share it with others. It is my hope that through my fine art and illustrative practice I am able to highlight the infinite wonders of our natural world. There are endless natural mysteries to discover and explore, and each unique creature has its own story to tell.


Future Titles:

Rock? Plant? Animal? (OwlKids Books, 2022)

Gallery Representation: 

Red Canoe Gallery (2019 - Present) 

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