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Brittany Lane is a published kids book illustrator, with her debut picture book 'Rock? Plant? Animal?' set to be released with Owlkids September, 2022! 

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Rock? Plant? Animal?
How Nature Keeps Us Guessing

An interactive guessing-game featuring nature’s most unique adaptations and characteristics​


Can you tell the difference between a rock, plant, or animal? While it might sound simple, the vast diversity of life on earth can throw us some serious curveballs! Sometimes, what looks like a plant is actually an animal. Other times, what looks like animal is actually a plant! Even things that look like living creatures can turn out to be unique rocks. 


Young readers are encouraged to challenge their pre-existing ideas about the natural world in this engaging nonfiction book set up as a scientific guessing game, filled with lively illustrations and fun facts. 

Each spread features a realistic illustration of either a puzzling critter, a perplexing plant or a special stone. Each picture is accompanied by a simple prompt: rock, plant or animal? The answer is revealed by turning the page to discover a beautifully detailed scene and a brief description of the “species.” Even for the most esteemed naturalists, the answers are hard to believe! Rock? Plant? Animal? lets its readers be detectives, encouraging curiosity and embracing surprise. 

  • Great for young readers interested in natural sciences and geology 

  • Interactive format creates an engaging reading experience that spotlights inquiry

  • Curriculum links to animal adaptations and biology 

  • Focuses on uncommon and rare creatures, plants, and rocks 

Art Director: Alisa Baldwin
Editor: Stacey Roderick
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